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Relax. Breathe. Take your time. This is a quiet space, a reflective space. A space for your your space.

In front of you is an elegant, handmade contraption. There are a pair of headphones - put them on. When you feel ready, press play to listen to 'The Looking Glass'. And then look at the mirror.

Easy, isn't it? All we ask is that you try to look at the reflection - at yourself - for the duration of the song.


"But I look at myself in the mirror every day!" you might think. True. We do so when we get ready in the morning. When we try on some new clothes. When we doubt that we are good enough and want reassurance. When we hate our new haircut and think looking at it enough will make it go away. When we want to see our perfect plank. And so on.

But how often do we let ourselves take that image in? That fascinating, fragile face. How often do we stare at ourselves uninterrupted and accept what we see. Try it. It's just 4 minutes. Or however many times you choose to listen to the song.

There are also post-it notes in front of you. Write down whatever you like. Maybe the way you felt while listening to the song. Maybe something the song made you think about. Maybe your favourite kind of whisky. Anything at all. Keep it anonymous and we'll share the full collection after the show.

Vedantha and Ned x



You said you’re done with grace
Throw off your diamond face
Unfetter the scars, they’re all that you are
They’re all that you are
You should go on your way
Throw off your diamond face
And battle the dogs, they’ll tear you apart
They’ll tear you apart


You saw a diamond face
It tore you apart with rage
Shore up the shards, there’s more that you are
There’s more that you are
More than a diamond face
More than a mind erased
Of fears and heart, and all that you are
And all that you are

Oh darling light
How we sing for you
How we dream for you
All charmed in white
It burns through our skin


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